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are you a teacher in the Bristol area? My wife and I would like to invite you and your students to a BBQ party on Friday 21st July from 5pm to 9pm. If the date is not convenient, we can change it to Friday 16th, but it must be on a Friday as it's my wife's day off from work. The idea is to connect students with their peers and offer them opportunities to talk to each other and to relax. We can organise a couple of games for them, and they can also play badminton or football in the garden. We will be having two 16/17-year-old lads with us, French and Spanish. So, if there are any teachers with students, who would like to join in, they are most welcome to join in. We live in Whitchurch Village, Banes (BS4 0QG), a short distance away from Bristol, Bath, Keynsham, Wells, etc. If you’re interested, please contact me [Mail to: rmjamet@gmail.com]

Nearer to the date we’ll talk about food, drinks, etc.

With all good wishes,

Robert Jamet

juliaj@hotmail.co.uk 14/07/2023 12:20 pm

Answer to: BBQ Hi Robert - sounds great. I'm in Batheaston and have a student with me on July 21st. I'll message via your email. Thanks. Julia